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By ilan

Lavender Spring

Lavender Spring

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Introducing Lavender Spring, a delightful green wall that infuses your space with the soothing beauty of lavender. With panel dimensions of 50cm x 50cm (equivalent to 2.7 square feet), this green wall adds a touch of tranquility and freshness to any environment.

Lavender Spring showcases a stunning array of vibrant greenery, complemented by the enchanting presence of lavender flowers. The combination creates a serene and calming ambiance, evoking the essence of a blooming spring garden. With built-in UV protection, the colors remain vibrant and true, ensuring a long-lasting visual appeal. Experience the convenience of zero maintenance with Lavender Spring. No watering, pruning, or upkeep required. This green wall effortlessly brings the beauty of nature indoors without the need for any effort on your part. The easy installation process allows for quick setup, and the big tile design ensures seamless coverage, resulting in a visually pleasing display with minimal visible joints.

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